About Us

The Company

MD PHARMA Incorporated was founded and established as a private corporation on August 18, 2006. Responding to the Filipino need for consumer-sensitive products, a highly-diversified group of practicing medical doctors pooled their resources and started the company.

MD Pharma Incorporated now acts as a parent holding company to two highly-rated manufacturing and distribution companies in the Philippines.

METROPHIL DRUG & CHEMICAL TRADING is a 40 year old Import, Marketing and Distribution Company. Representing renowned ethical medicine brands in the market, MD PHARMA-METROPHIL serves as representation for various international pharmaceutical companies in the world. Companies in this list include Grupo Reig Jofre of Barcelona, Spain (one of the oldest and most prestigious pharmaceutical groups in Europe), MEDGYN Incorporated of Illinois, USA, Daewoon of Seoul, Korea -plus other foreign principals, all under collaboration with the company.

Manufacturing for MD Pharma Incorporated is the VIRGO PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY. With great amount experience under its belt, Virgo Pharmaceutical Laboratory was commended by the Department of Health as one of the Best Pharmaceutical Laboratories in the Philippines. Producing a diversified list of drugs for different medical fields for both Metrophil and other companies, its strong background enables the company to distribute high-quality products to its market through its own marketing group in Luzon and professional regional distributors throughout Visayas and Mindanao.

MD Pharma Incorporated is dedicated to creating and providing world-class customer-sensitive products and services with the aim of improving the life of the Filipino people.


Our Mission

MDPHARMA’s mission is to become a major distributor of high quality medicines throughout the country.


Our Vision

To increase the value of our company and our portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customer’s expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company.


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